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Prefect/ House Captain

  • To act as an extended arm of the school authorities and to help them in various matters concerned with school organisation.
  • To maintain discipline in the school campus particularly at the time of :    (A): Morning assembly by checking late comers, school uniform and by marching the students to and from the assembly ground in an orderly manner.                                                                                                                 (B): To enforce discipline during break and in the school canteen, on staircase and in verandahs.                                                                               (C): Ensuring that students march to and from classes in lines at the time of dispersal.
  • To maintain discipline in the school Buses/ Van while coming to and going from the school.
  • To assist in the organisation of Intra-House and Inter-House Function/ Competitions.
  • To ensure the use of English language as the only medium of communication and other etiquette’s of students in the campus.
  • To Guide and Motivate the Monitor’s and to give periodical guidance & advice.
  • To bring out maximum participation of the students in various curricular and co-curricular activities of our school.
  • To ensure the students to walk through the centre of the corridor and do not touch the wall, railing etc.
  • To check the students who drag their feet, scratch on furniture and conduct themselves in any disorderly manner.
  • To bring in the attention of the Principal/ Vice Principal the name of the students who involve in any kind of unhealthy or destructive activities such as stealing, using foul language or shouting, damaging school property etc.
  • House bulletin boards to be maintained and to be displayed properly through out the year with the assistance of the House Mistress and the House Teacher.
  • To organise function on school day, Teacher’s Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Farewell and all other special occasion under the guidance of Principal and Vice-Principal and the  Organizing Committee.
  • To participate regularly in the monthly office bearers meeting and to  carry out all assignments assigned.
  • To check that lights and fans are switched off when not in use. Get the monitor to execute it.
  • To control crowding near drinking waters taps and wash-basins.
  • To ensure the dustbins are provided in the class & at the ground during recess and make sure children use it.
  • To check properly parking of Bicycles.
  • Make sure that the students don’t stand in groups after the school gets over.
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