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APRIL: 2017

3.4.2017 Mon School Reopens for New Session at 7:50 a.m
4.4.2017 Tues Special Assembly (Ram-Navmi) + Toy Room Excursions
5.4.2017 Tues Holiday (Ram Navmi)
6.4.2017 Thurs Paper Tearing & Pasting (Nur) / Vegetable printing ( LKG/UKG)

[Students to be given a smiley or puppet. Stationary to be collected.]

8.4.2017 Sat Hand/Foot printing (Nur)

Block Printing (LKG/UKG)

10.4.2017 Mon Puppet Making+ Mud Printing (Nur) +

Sponge  Printing(LKG/UKG)

12.4.2017 Wed Balloon printing –Nur

Thumb printing LKG/UKG

13.4.2017 Thur Story Telling & Enactment(with the help of Puppet)
14.4.2017 Fri Holiday (Good Friday+ Ambedkar Jayanti)
15.4.2017 Sat RED DAY+ Fun Bath & Pool party with music.
17.4.2017 to 20.4.2017 Mon to Wed Good Manners Training Week (Magic words)
22.4.2017 Sat Introduction by Every Students.
27.4.2017 Thurs Clay  Modelling +  Good  Manners Presentation (Skit)
28.4.2017 Fri Holiday (Parashuram Jayanti)
29.4.2017 Sat Register Day


1.5.2017 Mon Course Completion (April)
6.5.2017 Sat Mother’s Day Card Making (Take Away ) +  Holiday H.W.to be given to parents.
10.5.2017 Wed Holiday (Buddha Purima)
11.5.2017 to 16.5.2017 Thur to Tue  Formative Assessment -I
19.5.2017 Fri Holiday H.W distribution
20.5.2017 Sat Parent Teacher Meeting
22.5.2017 Mon


Summer Vacation 22May-2 July


31.5.2017 Wed Register Day


3.7.2017 Mon School Reopens after summer vacation+ Collection of Holiday H.W
4.7.2017 to 7.7.017 Tues -Fri Recap of Good manners  + My Self(Introduction Activity)
8.7.2017 Sat My Family & My Body Parts(Show & Tell ,Quiz & Collage Making Activity)
10.7.2017 to 14.7.2017 Mon – Fri Introduction of Table Manners & Hygiene.
15.7.2017 Sat Presentation of Table Manners + Fun Bath & Pool Party with Music
22.7.2017 Sat Yellow Day(Corn Printing) + Story Telling + Mango party
29.7.2017 Sat Rainy Day & Thumb Printing (P.Nur) & Thread Pulling (LKG) /Wool Painting(UKG) Fun Bath(Optional)
31.7.2017 Mon Parent Orientation (NewParents) + Register Day.

August: 2017             

1.8.2017 Tues Course Completion (July)
5.8.2017 Sat Eng Recitation Competition+ Rakhi Making+ Special Assembly (Raksha Bandhan)
7.8.2017 Mon Holiday (Raksha Bandhan)
9.8.2017 to14.8.2017 Wed  to Mon Formative Assessment- II
14.8.2017 Mon Fancy Dress Competition + Special Assembly (Janmasthami) (Story Enactment) + Flag Making
15.8.2017 Tues Independence Day Celebration
19.8.2017 Sat Green Day Celebration + Leaf Printing +Tree Plantation + Story Telling.
21.8.2017 Mon Phonetic Recitation (Practices to start)
25.8.2017 Fri Phonetic Song Presentation.
26.8.2017 Sat  Parent Teacher Meeting
31.8.2017 Thurs Register Day

September: 2017   

1.9.2017 Fri Course Completion (August)
2.9.2017 Sat Holiday (Bakrid)
5.9.2017 Tue Teacher Day Celebration
9.9.2017 Sat Rain Dance + Fun Bath Activity with Music
14.9.2017 Thur Hindi Story telling + Hindi Recitation Competition
16.9.2017 Sat Pink Day + Toy party(Tell about their favourite toy)
19.9.2017 to27.9.2017 Tue towed  Class Presentation
27.9.2017 Wed Special Assembly & Skit on Dussehra  & Gandhi Jayanti
28.9.2017 Thurs Register Day
29.9.2017 to Fri-
30.9.2017 Sat Holiday (Dussehra)


2.10.2017 Mon Holiday (Gandhi Jayanti)
3.10.2017 Tues Course completion (September)
3.10.2017 Tue Summative Assessment- I
to13.10.2017 to Fri
16.10.2017 Mon Special Assembly( Diwali)
19.10.2017 – 21.10.2017 Thur Holiday(Diwali)
24.10.2017 Tues Parent Teacher Meeting
27.10.2017 Fri Outdoor Games
28.10.2017 Sat Blue Day Celebration (Peacock Feather Printing)Vegetable Printing(Nur) + Singing/Dancing Competition (LKG/UKG)
31.10.2017 Tues Register Day


3.11.2017 Fri Course completion(October)
4.11.2017 Sat Holiday  (Guru Nanak Jayanti)
11.11.2017 Sat Community  Helpers (Fancy Dress Competition  & Quiz)
14.11.2017 Tue Children’s Day (Visit to park, etc)
13.11.2017 Mon Annual parents Day/ Sports Day
24.11.2017 Fri Outdoor Games & Drill
18.11.2017 Sat Brown Day  + Pet & Wild animals(Show & Tell ,Quiz and Collage Making Activity)
25.11.2017 Sat Flowers(Show & Tell ,Quiz and Collage Making Activity)
30.11.2017 Thurs Register Day


2.12.2017 Sat Seasons (Show & tell ,Quiz & Collage Activity)
4.12.2017 Mon Course Completion (November) + Revision  for FA-III
9.12.2017 Sat Outdoor Games
11.12.2017 Mon Formative Assessment –III
to16.12.2017 to Sat
16.12.2017 Sat Plants (Show & tell ,Quiz & Collage Activity)
23.12.2017 Sat  Parents Teacher Meeting
25.12.2017 Mon Holiday  (Christmas)
30.12.2017 Sat Register Day

January :2018

1.1.2018 Monday Winter vacation As per D.M. order
2.1.2018 Tue Course Completion (December)
5.1.2018 Fri Guru Nanak Jayanti (Holiday)
13.1.2018 Sat Outdoor Games (Frog Jump & Varied Races)
20.1.2018 Sun Special assembly ( Basant Panchami) + Sports Drill
22.1.2018 Mon Holiday (Basant Panchami)
26.1.2018 Fri Republic Day Celebration / Sports Day
27.1.2018 Sat Transport/Traffic Light(Show & tell, Quiz & Collage Activity)
29.1.2018 Mon Preparation for Art  &  Craft Exhibition / Fete Begins
31.1.18 Wed Register Day.


2.2.2018 Fri Course Completion (January)/ Revision  for FA-IV
3.2.2018 Sat Community Helper (Show & tell ,Quiz & Collage Activity)
10.2.2018 Sat Art & Craft Exhibition / Fete Begins
12.2.2018 to Mon to Formative Assessment FA-IV
16.2.2018 Fri
17.2.2018 Sat Campus Picnic
24.2.2018 Sat Parents Teacher Meeting
27.2.2018 Tues Special Assembly(Holi)
28.2.2018 Wed Register Day.


1.3.2018 Thur Course Completion (February)
2.3.2018 to Fri to Holiday (Holi)
3.3.2018 Sat
12.3.2018 to 22.3.2018 Mon to Thur Summative Assessment- II
30.3.2018 Fri Report Card Distribution


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